Mr. & Mrs. Herring

The Owners

Fashion IMPACT by HandbagsULike specializes in authentic, designer inspired, vintage handbags and accessories to compliment any ensemble. We look forward to adding to your fashion experience by inspiring you to leave your mark as an everyday influencer!

Our LOVE for humanity and fashion allows us to embrace both by enhancing the look and style of others through the world of accessories. We understand that those we cross paths with are far greater than the sale of a handbag, blouse, dress or pair of shoes. It is about ministering hope and vibrant versatility in one’s own unique way.

For the Father made us all unique and we have the opportunity to display it in the canvas of life. For Life is “OUR” runway


Sarah - ceo@handbagsulike.com

Demetrius - coo@handbagsulike.com




"Some of us Leaders don’t really have anyone to talk to. When you pour out, no one knows when you are empty. Each time you showed up, you could see it, perceive and feel it. You didn’t just dress me, you fed my soul and made me feel better about myself and the place that I was in. Both you and hubby! Truly called and NEEDED! Thank you! You just don’t know, I was able to lift my head and keep going because Of my moments with you!"

— Natarsha Kinder-Garcia

"I will never forget last night!❤️- Extremely grateful for you and what you do for women! May God continue to bless you and may your work grow bigger than you could ever imagine. This world needs more people like you!😘"

— Heather Mitchell Walker

"Awesome, Phenomenal, Uplifting, Empowering, Inspiring, Engaging, Motivating, Life changing and Unforgettable are just a few words that come to mind when I think about the IMPACT EXPERIENCE in Houston TX. So many life changing moments in the room....it was actually a shift in the atmosphere. Thanks Mrs. Sarah for accepting and executing the vision that God gave you. May God continue to bless you and Mr. D exceedingly, abundantly above what you both may Ask or Think...love you"

— Tina Marie Jones

"IMPACT beyond the flesh!

And that is exactly what you and your husband do so well....make an IMPACT. You guys are definitely on the list of blessings God has granted me. Not only do you pour your all into styling your clientele but you pour in to them spiritually. Continue blessing others beyond the clothes and be a wonderfully beautiful gift to their hearts. Love you guys eternally.😘💞💚


-Sheila Vannoy

Yesterday was so beautiful. Thank you again Cassandra Robinson-Miller for inviting me to be honored at the Impact Experience. The other ladies and I really needed it. Sarah Herring what a wonderful ministry. Thank you for Blessing us!

-Stacey Robinson

"#TheIMPACTExperience, what a Powerful Event in the midst of the Derby Events. It was an honor to capture the Event, the transformations and gain some new Friends. Thank you Sarah Herring Pamela Williams for allowing me to record this bit of history in the lives of the many you touch."

-Dee Johnson

"Impact Houston is more than a moment in time...it is a transformational experience. At the heart off this movement is Sarah whose passion draws you and the women keep you. Connect and #IMPACT the world."

-Vicki Semander

"#IMPACTEXPERIENCE - Sarah Herring Transforming Women, One Community at a time. Entrepreneur, philanthropist, motivational speaker, sought after image and wardrobe consultant, wife and mother, Sarah Herring is based in Atlanta Georgia. Her mission is to share the love of God and to instill in women that beauty is both internal and external. Her IMPACT EXPERIENCE in Las Vegas was quite a refreshingly awesome event, where many young women were reignited with hope and inspired to see the inner beauty in themselves in spite of horrible experiences. They are given the platform for a new beginning . IMPACT EXPERIENCE has grown into a community of passionate women and men restoring dignity in women one city at a time"

-Prince Ike

"I M P A C T  Attending The Impact Experience and being one of the honorees in Houston,TX was a major Shift for me. I’m saying from my head down to my toes. I felt so Empowered, so Beautiful, so Uplifted, and that’s just to name a few. “COME ON FACE”, “COME ON DRESS” lol The energy Sarah and her husband hives off is so positive y’all are just amazing. Their team was outstanding and very patience. Thank you thank you thank you to everyone involved... I TRULY ENJOYED MYSELF #IMPACT"

-Markisha Singletary-Wheeler